What should you know before you come to Brazil?

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    In my previous blog, I wrote about 10 things that might surprise you when going to the UK.

    Here are some cultural things that a person visiting Brazil for the first time should know.

    1. Football/ soccer is not just a game, it is almost a religion for many people. Men and women are fans and attend matches.

    2. Using the ‘OK’ hand signal is considered rude in Brazil.

    3. Roads are made from bricks.

    4. People drink alcohol and socialize at petrol stations. Alcohol is sold at petrol stations!

    5. In the south of Brazil people drink chimarrão (a kind of green tea); it is drunk everywhere including supermarkets, the street, in the office, the beach, the park etc.

    6. A barbecue or churrasco is a regular occurrence and in many families people eat it once or twice a week. Very different to barbecues in the U.S.A, Australia, the U.K etc. Many houses and apartments have a churrasqueira (a place to barbecue inside their homes or on their balcony.

    So, did you like the tips? Is there anything else you would add to this list? Share it with us on comments. It will be great to know your opinion.

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