10 things that might surprise you when going to the UK

Atualizado: Jan 22

When travelling to another country, there are always things that are strange when compared to culture in Brazil. Below are 10 things that you might find strange or unusual when visiting the U.K.

1. Toilet paper is put in the toilet bowl. It also happens in the USA and some other countries.

2. English people say sorry a lot. It doesn’t mean only 'sorry', also can mean 'excuse me'.

3. People queue/stand in line for everything for example: to get on the bus, in the supermarket, the train station. If you don’t stand in the queue you are considered very rude.

4. When in London don’t make eye contact when using the bus, tube or train. Londoners find it very strange.

5. If someone says ‘Alright?’, ‘ How are you?’ Do not reply in a negative way.

6. To get around London buy an Oyster card. You can’t pay in cash for buses.

7. Don’t expect buses, trains and the Underground to always be on time.

8. When using the escalator, always stand on the left.

9. British people are generally punctual. They don’t like people being late.

10. When in a pub you are expected to go to the bar, order your drinks, pay for them and bring them to the table yourself.

Did you know all those fun facts? Can you think of things that people visiting Brazil might find strange or unusual? Comment bellow.

See you!

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