When to use TO you or FOR you?

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Do you know when to use 'to you' or 'for you'? If you do, great!

This is a difficult topic for a lot of students. So if you’re not sure about how to use it, don’t worry, here are some tips to help you out:

'To you' - is used when you’re going to do something that will affect the person directly. It is also used to warn something that might hurt someone (but not always).

See some examples here:

1. Did you see the accident of Route 9? It was horrible! If you go out now in this rain, this will happen to you too!

2. Did you see that Bob was fired today? If you don’t work hard this can happen to you.

3. John just shaved his head and I’m thinking of doing this to you!

4. I can't lend my book to you. I really need it. I hope you understand.

5. Daddy is going to read a story to you tonight, OK babe?

6. Remeber that I handed the money to you yesterday?

7. Who wrote this beautiful card to you?

'For you' - is used when you want to do something so that the person doesn’t have to do it himself / herself. You use it to benefit the person you’re talking to. You’re going to use it also to tell someone that you did something so they don’t have to do it.

See examples below:

1. Do you want me to get a cup of coffee for you?

2. I saw that your dog ran away again so I went out there and brought him back for you.

3. When I go to grandmother’s house again I’ll give her a hug for you.

4. Your sister left a note for you on the table.

5. I will bring a present for you from Spain.

6. OK. I'll reserve the meeting room for you.

7. Did your grandma cook soup for you last weekend? She is so cute!

Here is another tip: You will use 'for you' a lot more than 'to you'. Can you think of more examples? If you want to know more about the uses of 'to' and 'for', check out this link: Espresso English, or this video on Youtube.

Also check out this post: Business English: common abbreviations and acronyms you should know.

See you!

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