5 words in Portuguese that don’t exist in English

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Translating Portuguese words to English is not as easy as Google translator makes you believe.

Yes, sometimes you can get away with translating a word to English and using it the way you would in Portuguese, but most of the times it´s not that easy.

There are lots of words that can only be used in one way, in one language, but can mean many different things in another! There are words that sound alike, but in reality they are very different in mean.

And there are words that only exist in Portuguese! No literal translation in English! These following 5 words that are found in Portuguese are NOT found in English. Let's see!

1- Saudade: this beautiful, romantic Brazilian word is used to express a deep seeded longing for someone or something. Even though it is very common in Portuguese there is no actual translation for it in English. The closest thing the English language has is ‘miss’ but it is limited in its use. Say, 'I miss you."

2- Brigadeiro: This delicious Brazilian sweet and its name, is something that is lacking in English.

3- Futevôlei: This common beach sport is something you won’t find in North America and likewise its name won’t be found in the English language.

4- Cafuné: This is another word you won’t find in English. Though the act of running your fingers through someone’s hair exist, the name for it in English doesn’t.

5- Farofa: Another staple in Brazilian cuisine that doesn’t exist in English is ´farofa´. Even though it is very common in Brazil, you will have a hard time finding it out of the country.

Do you know any other word with no translation in English? Comment.

See you!

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